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MasterCool Contractor Whole House Coolers from AdobeAir are an excellent choice for many of today's cooling requirements. These coolers can be set on pads on the ground, or be roof-mounted or wall-mounted.

A variety of models are available which include a range of cabinet sizes for the home, mobile home, and workshop. The Industry Standard Ratings for air flow range from 4,800 to 6,500 cubic feet per minute (CFM).

These evaporative cooling systems are very efficient, using as little as 25% of the electricity required for air conditioning. Includes a lifetime limited warranty.

Evaporative Coolers combine water evaporation with a simple air moving system to produce effective and efficient cooling. In many parts of the country, evaporative coolers can provide the same cooling comfort as air conditioners, but with approximately 75% less electrical energy required.

The energy and cost savings associated with these systems can be significant. For California utility customers, PG&E is currently offering a $300 rebate when you purchase one of these coolers!

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